Doctors save amniotic fluid embolism pregnant during Cesarean section

Surgeons of two hospitals yesterday worked together to save pregnant suffering amniotic fluid embolism, a rare but life-threatening maternal emergency caused by the entry of amniotic fluid contents into the maternal circulation during Cesarean section.
Doctors save amniotic fluid embolism pregnant during Cesarean section
A 32-year-old woman at 38 weeks in her pregnancy in District 12 was taken to the Hung Vuong Infirmary when was in labor.
She was undertaking a Cesarean section. After surgeons were performing the operation and took the baby girl weighing 2,9 kilogram; abruptly, the mother turned pale and her heart stopped beating.
Physicians immediately carried out intensive treatment and raised alert in the hospital to call for assistance from all department as well as invited their peers from Cho Ray Hospital for meeting. The woman was rushed to Cho Ray for further treatment.
Surgeons of Cho Ray anaesthetized the patient on the operating-table for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and cut her womb off .
She escaped dangerous condition.
This is the second case of amniotic fluid embolism that the infirmary saved. Before surgeons of Hung Vuong and Cho Ray hospitals worked together to save 32-year-old pregnant from the Mekong delta province of Long An from amniotic fluid embolism incident in October, 2018.
Amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is a life threatening obstetric emergency characterized by sudden cardiorespiratory collapse and disseminated intravascular coagulation.

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