Digital platforms simplified for traceability of produce, food

The Executive Team of the 970 Agricultural Connection Forum and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research yesterday held a forum in Hanoi on boosting digitalization in produce – food traceability.

Director Nguyen Quoc Toan of the Center for Digital Transformation and Agriculture Statistics (under the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry) informed that Vietnam now has 19,000 agricultural cooperatives, 14,200 agricultural businesses, 7,500 agricultural product processing factories, 9,400 supermarkets and level-1 markets. Data collected from these places can form the Big Data for the national agriculture sector for traceability purposes.

At present, the traceability system of the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry is formally operating at the address of The database is integrated with those of 8 provinces and cities. Nearly 4,000 businesses own the traceability codes for 16,987 produce and food items.

Many enterprises agree that the transparency and precision in the results of produce traceability is extremely important; yet during the process of filing the codes for planting areas, many units have copied one another, leading to inaccurate results. Therefore, it is advisable to be more flexible when implementing digital platforms besides choosing proper, user-friendly software pieces so that people can enter new data or access current ones easily.

As to solutions to improve the traceability system, Director Toan stated that it is necessary to develop suitable mechanisms, legal corridors for these software pieces, from data building to data distribution steps.

In addition, production and processing procedures must be first systemized and then carefully organized before being integrated. After that is the time to implement technologies for smooth operation, as said once by Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan.

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