Dengue infects 4,203 people and kills two children in Khanh Hoa

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the South-Central Province of Khanh Hoa said that from the beginning of the year until now, the locality has recorded more than 4,203 cases of dengue fever; worse, two children 6 years old and 14 years old died of the disease.


Dengue infects 4,203 people and kills two children in Khanh Hoa ảnh 1 Illustrative photo
According to Khanh Hoa CDC, the number of dengue cases is currently increasing by 65.3 percent over the same period in 2021 with 2,542 cases. Additionally, 239 outbreaks are mainly in localities such as Ninh Hoa town with 106 outbreaks, Nha Trang City with 39 outbreaks, Cam Lam with 38 outbreaks, Cam Ranh with 18 outbreaks, Dien Khanh with 14 outbreaks and Khanh Vinh with seven outbreaks.
CDC Khanh Hoa recommended that people need to comply with regulations on epidemic prevention, such as sleeping in a mosquito net and wearing long clothes to prevent mosquito bites - even in daytime.
In addition, medical workers advised people with a continuous high fever of 39-40 Celcius degrees to see a doctor for diagnosis and receive appropriate care and treatment. During the treatment of dengue at home, patients’ relatives should pay attention to the signs of severe disease so that they would take dengue patients to hospitals soon. For dengue fever, when the fever is reduced, it is necessary to closely monitor signs of worsening.

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