COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Southeast Asia

The number of COVID-19 infections continued to increase in Southeast Asian nations on April 25.

Temperature check for a person in Bangkok, Thailand (Photo: AFP/VNA)
Temperature check for a person in Bangkok, Thailand (Photo: AFP/VNA)
On the day, Thailand reported 53 new cases and one more death from the disease, raising the total to 2,907 and 51, respectively.
The new infection number in Thailand has been on the decline in the past two weeks. The country recorded the largest daily increase on March 22, with 188 cases.
As many as 2,547 patients were declared to have fully recovered.
Singapore reported additional 618 cases on April 25, bringing the total to 12,693. Most of the infections are work permit holders living in dormitories.
With a population of 5.7 million, Singapore is among countries with the highest COVID-19 transmission rate in Asia.
Meanwhile, the Philippine Department of Health announced 102 new cases and 17 deaths on the day.
The country reported a total 7,294 infections, 494 fatalities, and 792 recoveries.
Malaysia saw 51 new cases and two deaths, raising the total cases to 5,742, with 98 deaths.
There were 396 new cases in Indonesia on the same day, along with 31 deaths, according to the country’s Ministry of Health. Indonesia reported a total 8,607 cases and 720 fatalities.

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