Childhood obesity in major cities rise

As per the Vietnam Nutrition Association’s latest survey, the number of overweight and obese kids in two major cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, is on the rise.
Childhood obesity in major cities rise
In 1996, the proportion of overweight and obese kids accounted for 12 percent, it increased by 43 percent in 2009. In the period of 2014-2015, the rate of childhood obesity in urban districts in HCMC is over 50 percent while it is over 40 percent in Hanoi.
Deputy chairman of the association Dr. Tu warned about the health risks of obese children, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and cancer. Many more obese children suffer from type-2 diabetes, Dr. Tu sai.
Worrisome, most parents take less heed to the diseases caused by obesity and overweight; accordingly, the number of these children continued to rise.
Nutrition experts pointed out that rising consumption of sugary drinks and food has been a major contributor to the obesity.

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