Central Highlands farmers enjoy high prices of agricultural products

This year, many key crops in the Central Highlands, such as black pepper, coffee, passion fruit, and cassava, have had high prices, which have helped farmers to have a decent income. Thanks to that, farmers can go shopping comfortably to welcome the 2022 Lunar New Year with joy and excitement.
Central Highlands farmers enjoy high prices of agricultural products ảnh 1 Coffee production in Dak Lak Province. (Photo: SGGP)
It is only a few days left until the 2022 Lunar New Year. In the Central Highlands provinces, the joyful atmosphere of Tet prevails throughout villages and towns. This year, thanks to the high prices of agricultural products, people can shop more comfortably and decorate their houses more lavishly to prepare for the Tet holiday. The road leading to Village 8 in Dak Ruong Commune, Kon Ray District, Kon Tum Province, is clean and tidy. Groups of people were going shopping for the Lunar New Year, confectionaries and fruits were fully packed on their vehicles. S., a resident in Village 8 in Dak Ruong Commune, excitedly said that his family grew two hectares of cassava. Despite the pandemic, the price of cassava was at VND2,900 per kg, the highest level in the past ten years. His family earned a total income of VND130 million. After deducting all expenses, he still had a profit of VND80 million. Thanks to that, his family would have money to celebrate the Tet holiday and take care of their children's tuition. Up to now, the family has fully prepared everything to welcome the Lunar New Year.

Mr. Vo Van Luong, Chairman of the People's Committee of Kon Ray District, Kon Tum Province, said that the main crops in the area are cassava and coffee. Last year, the prices of these two agricultural products were fairly high, so farmers made profits. Thanks to that, people can shop for the Tet holiday more comfortably. Besides, the district also had many policies to take care of people, such as taking care of and supporting underprivileged families and organizing the Banh Chung Festival so that people could have banh chung to welcome Tet.

Back to Dak Lak, the coffee capital of the Central Highlands, this year, thanks to the high coffee price, the spring atmosphere in the province is also more joyful. Markets in communes, districts, and cities are crowded with shoppers. Mr. Le Duc Huy, General Director of Dak Lak 2-9 Import-Export Company Limited (Simexco Dak Lak), assessed that the price of coffee had climbed to more than VND40,000 per kg, the highest level in the past five years. Although the production cost was high, coffee farmers were profitable at this price level. This year, they would have a big Tet.

Going along the Provincial Road 8 to Cu M'gar District - the district with the largest coffee area in the province – the spring has poured into every corner of villages and towns. Walking around Quang Phu Town in Cu M'gar District, the atmosphere of Tet is more bustling than in previous years. Especially, stalls selling ornamental flowers, Mai blossom (Ochna integerrima), and peach blossom are crowded with window shoppers and buyers. Pham Tri Do, a resident in Quang Tien Commune, Cu M'gar District, was buying a pot of ornamental tamarind for more than VND10 million to decorate his house during the Tet holiday. He said that this year, with 2 ha of coffee, his family collected more than 8 tons of coffee beans. “After harvesting coffee, I sold it all for VND42,000 per kg. After deducting all expenses, I earned nearly VND200 million. Coffee had declined for many consecutive years, so I dared not spend much during Tet. This year, thanks to the better price of coffee, I shop more freely, enjoy the Tet holiday a little more comfortably, and my children also have better conditions to study," he said excitedly.

Mr. Le Nam Cao, Chairman of the People's Committee of Cu M'gar District, said that this year, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, coffee, and black pepper prices were high, so the living standards of local people have also improved. “Thanks to the good harvest and good price of coffee, the income of local people is also better. The rate of poor households in the area has also decreased compared to previous years. I hope that prices of coffee and black pepper will always be steady at this level for the local economy to be stabilized, contributing to the development of the locality," said Mr. Cao.

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