Campaign to mitigate malware launched nationwide

The National Cyber Security Center (under the Ministry of Information and Communications) has just started the campaign named ‘Checking and Removing Malware Nationwide 2020’.

Campaign to mitigate malware launched nationwide

The campaign aims at erasing around 50 percent of IP addresses in the 10 most popular botnet websites and reducing the rate of malware-infected computers also by 50 percent.

This campaign is for the sake of the public, and will provide necessary checking tools for Internet users to detect any possible malware existing on their computer and erase it, ensuring cyber security in the whole country.

The campaign is essential to contribute to a successful digital transformation process in Vietnam. It is also an action to raise the nation’s reliability in e-transactions and national security in this globalization era.

In this countrywide campaign, several pieces of software to fight against malware are continuously updated and offered free of charge via the address

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