Bluezone, NCOVI encouraged to use for health status declaration

Bluezone and NCOVI are the two user-friendly applications on a mobile device to help citizens effectively fight against Covid-19. They are developed by Vietnamese people and advised to be widely used by the government.

Bluezone, NCOVI encouraged to use for health status declaration

Bluezone is the app to alert its users if they have been accidentally in close contact with people who have tested positive for Covid-19.

It is available on both platforms of iOS and Android via App Store and Google Play. Entering the keyword ‘Bluezone’ and mobile device owners are able to download and install the app, followed by mobile phone number providing and access to device allowing.

Bluetooth function will be then automatically turned on to record any contact with other users in the Bluezone community. The monitor will display a button for manual scanning as well, along with a toolbar to save contact history.

In case there is a patient of SARS-CoV-2 in the Bluezone community, any necessary information of that user will be immediately updated in the system and delivered to other users.

Warning messages will be sent to a user whenever he or she comes in close contact (under 2 meters) or long contact (over 15 minutes) with the patient.

Bluezone’s developers have guaranteed data security, anonymity, and transparency for all users.

Current users can invite others via a QR code. Since Bluezone can only be effective with a community large enough, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information & Communications have encouraged Vietnamese citizens and foreigners in Vietnam to install it to protect themselves and help others.

NCOVI is the app for health status declaration. It is easy to set up and use on both iOS and Android platforms.

After a successful installation, users need to fill in necessary personal information for registration, before ticking the statement ‘I declare that that all the information provided is true’ and pressing the button for an authenticate OTP code.

The code will be then sent to the registered mobile phone number for the completion of registration. Users are now ready to declare their health status, including information on risk factors.

Users can press the button ‘Voluntary Medical Declaration’ to enter more detailed health-related information before sending to the healthcare system.

Both apps require only a few minutes to insert necessary information, yet they are essential to help people protect themselves from the dangerous Covid-19 pandemic, so they are advised by the government for the task of disease prevention and control.

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