Bird nest, dried seahorses hidden in containers of blood clams

On the afternoon of October 6, the Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department said that its inspectors and their peers in the Customs Division at Saigon Port yesterday detected hundreds of boxes of birdnest, dried seahorses hidden in a container of blood clams of Vietseatrust Food Import-Export Trading Company in Thu Duc City.
Bird nest, dried seahorses hidden in containers of blood clams ảnh 1 Bird nest, dried seahorses are hidden in containers of blood clams
According to the company’s customs declaration, the containers contain more than 21 tons of frozen whole blood cockles imported from Indonesia, worth about VND2 billion. The shipment arrived at Cat Lai port at the end of September 2021.
Because customs officials doubted the consignment, they stopped customs clearance and opened containers to check on October 6.
When opening the containers, officials detected in addition to imported blood cockles in accordance with the customs declaration, hundreds of cartons without customs declaration, including shredded bird's nest, dried seahorse, dried sea dragonfish, fangs and horns hidden inside the container.
The Ho Chi Minh City-based Vietnam Customs will further investigate the case.

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