Average cost per unit of North-South expressway at VND 115.8 bln one km

The Ministry of Transportation on June 6 announced that the approved cost per unit for the North-South expressway is at VND115.8 billion per kilometer, much lower than that in the Decision No.44/2020 of the Ministry of Construction.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, in the total preliminary investment of about VND118.72 trillion, the cost structure for the project included VND11.43 trillion for site clearance, VND67.92 trillion for construction and equipment cost, VND7.78 trillion for project management, consulting, and other costs, and VND12.35 trillion for provision.

Based on cost calculation, the ministry decided to approve the average cost per unit of the North-South expressway at VND115.8 billion per kilometer.

The cost per unit includes the costs for construction of bridges and tunnels, reinforcing soft ground, smart traffic system, non-stop electronic toll collection system, and frontage roads to serve people’s livelihood. In excluding the Cam Lo – La Son project with a scale of two lanes and a total length of 98.4 kilometers, and the My Thuan 2 Bridge project with a length of 6.6 kilometers, the average cost per unit of the North-South expressway will be around VND95.6 billion per kilometer.

Earlier, at the Decision No.44/2020, the Ministry of Construction announced the cost per unit for four-lane roads for the region 1 in the North, region 2 in the Central, and the region 3 in the South. Of which, the cost per unit for the region 2 was VND 157.48 billion per kilometer. If excluding the construction costs for bridges and reinforcing soft ground, the cost per unit would be VND 124.98 billion per kilometer.