Another information leak related to Bkav website reported

A member of Raidforums nicknamed seasalt123 has lately posted a user database supposedly belonging to of Bkav. The database contains sensitive information like user IDs and emails, full names and phone numbers. was established by Bkav in September 2021 for Bphone’s owners to report any possible errors related to the products. Therefore, it has confidential data of its members such as full names, personal phone numbers, sign-in emails, and account IDs.

This is the second time in four months that Bkav has endured information hack, the first one being internal data leak by another member of Raidforums nicknamed chunxong in August.

Receiving that news, Bkav has filed a lawsuit to the Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention (A05 – under the Ministry of National Security) and the Authority of Information Security (under the Information and Communications Ministry) for investigation.

As to this case, on December 21, Bkav posted an apology to its clients who have an account on

Accordingly, Bkav informed of a pilot scheme launched on for its new service of collecting customer feedbacks and error reports regarding its products. During the service pilot, email addresses and phone numbers of about 200 customers participating in the program were accidentally revealed.

However, on December 22, the website cannot be accessed. At present, there is still no reaction from Bkav itself, nor does it show any intention to work with the functional agencies like in the August case.