African swine fever hit hog herd in seven northern provinces

African swine fever (ASF) hit hog herd in the northern province of Hai Duong of Vietnam, bringing total seven provinces reporting the deadly virus while the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said it faced difficulties in quarantine.

Of the six samples sent by the Department of Animal Health in Hai Duong province, five were positive for virus ASF. The Department of Animal Health of the second section reported ASF in Hai Duong to the Government on the day.
The ASF outbreak was reported in breeder Hoang Van Chinh's farm in Trai Moi village in Kim Mon district.
The Department of Animal Health under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said it isolated outbreaks in farms in affected provinces, vets had to cull all dead and diseased hog herds in the neighborhood.
So far, more than 2,300 pigs weighing 170,000 kilogram were culled. Consequently, breeders lost tens of billions of VND within two months.
Worse, Head of the Department Pham Van Dong said that losing breeders have received a subsidy of VND38,000 ($1.63) per kilogram of pig from the Government,breeders have received just VND27, 0000 per kilogram in some localities, much lower than the actual price.
Moreover, breeders have to spend lots of time for finishing complicated paper work to receive the subsidy. Therefore, they have resorted to selling off their animals.
Since the end of 2018 till now, many localities have merged animal health agencies into agricultural technique centers; hence, implementation of disease prevention task is stagnant. Violators of epidemiological hygiene have not  been found and fined.
Vets have not given bonus or quite low bonus for the special task in some localities; accordingly staffs of animal health departments were reluctant in taking part in prevention measures.
Because of the high risk of ASF epidemic, the Government will convene an online tomorrow meeting with 63 cities and provinces on measures against ASF.
Presently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is drafting a circular to force local administrations to announce ASF when the locality is hit with ASF.

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