76 outstanding scientific projects enter Vietnam Yellow Book of Innovation 2021

The Judge Board for Vietnam Yellow Book of Innovation yesterday announced 76 excellent scientific-technological projects to appear in the 2021 Book.

The Judge Board of the Vietnam Yellow Book of Innovation is holding a meeting to select the outstanding projects

Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee reported that it received in total 151 nominated scientific-technological projects from 47 ministries, industries, and provincial authorities, ranging from technology to natural science. These projects have won several awards of contests held by members of Vietnam Fatherland Front and provinces around the country from January 1, 2019 to June 20, 2021.

Among them, the Judge Board chose the 76 most prominent ones, which are highly practical in manufacturing, trading and applying in daily life, to published in the Vietnam Yellow Book of Innovation 2021.

In the past 5 years, the Vietnam Yellow Book of Innovation have been able to honor individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to scientific-technological activities in the nation.

The book is also a way to encourage the innovation spirit and research activities in the community in order to increase work performance, product quality, and competitiveness in the globalization process, positively affecting the national development and defense.

The Vietnam Yellow Book of Innovation is announced annually on the Independence Day, with the quantity of selected projects equal to the number of years celebrating the Independence Day.

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