Woman kidnaps two-year-old toddler to railroad lover into marrying

Nguyen Thi Thu, 32, who allegedly kidnapped a two-year-old boy at a local park in the Northern province of Bac Ninh earlier this week confessed that she abducted the child in the hope that her lover would marry her.
The kidnapped child (Photo: SGGP)
The kidnapped child (Photo: SGGP)
Officers under the provincial Department of Police and the Ministry of Public Security confirmed they had captured Nguyen Thi Thu hailing from the Northern Province of Cao Bang.
According to the preliminary information, realizing that two-year-old Nguyen Cao Gia Bao, was playing along in the park in Bac Ninh on August 21, Thu persuaded the child to go with her to her rented house. She took the child to Tuyen Quang Province in the following morning.
The woman said she wanted to abduct the child because she was suffering from miscarriage but she wanted to convinced her lover to marry her. She added that because the lover didn’t believe the boy is their child, so she decided to bring the boy back to his family. However, police have found her.
Director of Bac Ninh Police Colonel Pham The Tung said right after being informed of the kidnap, police in Bac Ninh Province partnered with their peers from other provinces and the Ministry of Public Security to find out information of the kidnapped child and arrest the suspect.

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