Vietnam’s first remote sensing satellite marks decade in orbit

After a decade, VNREDSat-1 has completed 53,000 rounds around the Earth, totaling 2.4 billion km, it was announced at a ceremony in Hanoi on May 16 to celebrate the 10th anniversary since its launch into space.
An image captured by VNREDSat-1

An image captured by VNREDSat-1

The event was co-organized by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), the French Embassy in Vietnam, and European multinational aerospace corporation Airbus.

In his opening remarks, VAST President Chau Van Minh affirmed the launch of the French-funded spacecraft into orbit on May 7, 2013, was an important milestone in implementing Vietnam’s space technology development strategy, a result of the close cooperation between VAST and Airbus, and a symbol of the Vietnam – France friendship.

According to Bui Trong Tuyen, Director of VAST’s Space Technology Institute, the satellite has provided nearly 160,000 images across the territorial land and waters of Vietnam and around the world. Designed to operate in five years, the 120-kg satellite has run for 10 straight years to assist Vietnam in addressing challenges in forest and water resources management, disaster management, urban mapping and planning, national defence and security, and coastal zone management.

CEO of Airbus Vietnam Hoang Tri Mai said the group is proud to be a partner of Vietnam in the important space project and hopes to accompany the nation in its future space development journey.

French Ambassador Nicolas Warnery said VNREDSat-1 is a typical example of successful cooperation in space and satellite between the Vietnamese and French governments.

France looks forward to expanding the bilateral ties in this strategic area, sharing skills and expertise via training young scientists and researchers, and transferring technology to Vietnam so that the Southeast Asian nation can establish an integrated space industry.

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