Vietnamese pregnant woman dies of seasonal flu

Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi confirmed a death of a pregnant woman with twin hailing from the north central province of Thanh Hoa due to seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses.

The hospital has admitted several patients suffering critical seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses including the pregnant woman.
Head of the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit Dr. Dao Xuan Co said four newly-admitted patients who suffered seasonal flu ailment were in bad condition with serious breathing problem; accordingly, physicians had to apply man-made lung and heart technique to save them. However, one of them, the pregnant woman, succumbed to the disease.
Moreover, doctors worried about the condition of a 64-year-old man in Hanoi who was put on ventilator. His relative said that he was suffering continuous high fever, dry cough, breathing problem plus chest pain. He was rushed to a district medical clinic where he was diagnosed to have pneumonia. His took drugs for several days but his condition did not abate.
Physicians of Bach Mai Hospital diagnosed him to have acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) caused by influenza pneumonia.
His health is in ‘dangerous' condition, according to physicians.
Another man, 48, in Hanoi had experienced cough, sneezing, running nose and body pain before taking to the ICU. Noticeably, some of his family members had flu also.
Because he thought to have normal flu, he was taken to the infirmary for treatment after four days when he was suffering organ failure in critical condition. After one-week treatment, his condition has not improved much. He was put on ventilator and his blood was filtered continuously.
The unit has taken sample for testing. Test results have shown that all samples were positive for virus A/H1N1 ( or seasonal flu virus).
Dr. Co said most of seasonal flu patients normally recover after a few days. However, the disease will develop seriously in some people especially those who have chronic illnesses, kidney failure, diabetes, drunkard, pregnant women, elderly people and children.
Accordingly, he advised patients to go to infirmaries for treatment when they experience lots of cough, continuously high fever, chest pain and breathing problem.

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