Vietnamese lychee eligible for export to US and Chinese markets

Thanks to organic farming methods, Luc Ngan lychee is favoured by Chinese and US traders and consumers. 
Vietnamese lychee eligible for export to US and Chinese markets

This year, the United States Department of Agriculture granted eligible certificates for export to 394 business households with an area of 217.89 hectares of land.

China also granted 36 code numbers for Luc Ngan lychee growing areas in 30 communes and towns, which ensured export standards to the market.  Accordingly, China is the largest export market of the fruit, following by the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Laos and Cambodia.  

Many farmers convert to organic production and cultivated method under Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practice (VietGAP) standards without chemical fertilizers to speed up ripeness and growth of the lychee.  Since Doan Ngo Festival (on the fifth day of the fifth month in the lunar calendar), Bac Giang’s Luc Ngan lychee has continued stable high selling price in Ho Chi Minh City market. 

At fruit kiosks of the retail markets, the price of Thieu lychee transported by refrigerated trucks is between VND 75,000 to VND 85,000 a kilogram whereas the price of Thieu lychee via plane is estimated at VND 120,000 – VND 150,000 a kilogram.  It's worth noting that consumption of lychee output in the first harvest season did not decrease despite the high selling price.

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