Vietnamese kid has Hematidrosis

The Quy Hoa National Leprosy Dermatology Hospital in the central province of Binh Dinh today said that it admitted a kid having Hematidrosis, also called blood sweat that is a very rare condition in which a human sweats blood.

Vietnamese kid has Hematidrosis
This is the first time the hospital in Vietnam to receive a patient with Hematidrosis; even hospitals in the world have rarely admit such patients.
Before, on August 23, a 11-year-old girl in the highlands province of Gia Lai had been taken to the hospital when she usually has blood sweat. The girl was soon rushed to the hospital’s Skin Department for further care.
Her father said the girl started to have blood sweat three or four months ago when she suffered stress at brushing up her lesson for the final examination of fifth grade. There have been some days she has had blood sweat 3 or 4 times a day along with headache and her face skin stretched out.
Her father said that no one in the family has had the disease so far.
Before, the girl was taken to the Children Hospital No.2, the Blood Transfusion Hematology and the Dermatology Hospital in Ho Chi Minh where diagnosed her to have skin infection; accordingly the hospitals gave her drug only; she has taken drug for years yet her symptoms has not abated.
Head of the Quy Hoa National Leprosy Dermatology Hospital’s Planning Department Dr. Nguyen The Toan said that the case is the first in the hospital even in the world. Tests of blood and liver, kidney are normal.
Tests of blood found out the presence of white cells without red blood cells.
Dr. Toan said there has been no treatment but the hospital tries to reduce her stress.

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