Vietnamese health watchdog reviews Japanese-made dietary supplements

The Vietnamese health watchdog is reviewing some Japanese-made dietary supplements after mass media reported that the products caused kidney problems.

Vietnamese health watchdog reviews Japanese-made dietary supplements

The Food Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health yesterday warned that some dietary supplements of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company in Japan have been linked to kidney disorders.

According to the Food Administration of Vietnam, some mass media in the world released information that some people have developed kidney disease and other symptoms after taking the products of Japanese drug-maker Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Osaka drugmaker’s products are sold in the Vietnamese market. Japanese drug-maker has announced that it is voluntarily recalling a line of dietary supplements containing beni kōji fermented rice after reports of kidney problems

Through reviewing the registration data of products in Vietnam, the Food Administration said that it has not yet issued registration receipts for the products such as ‘Beni-koji choleste-help’, ‘Naishi-help plus cholesterol’, ‘Natto-kinase sarasara-tsubu gold’ and ‘Kobayashi Naishi Help 30’ of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company.

However, for the health safety of users, the Administration recommended that consumers do not buy or use products of the above-mentioned pharmaceutical company. If anyone discovers these products sold on the local market, they should notify the authorities for handling according to the provisions of law.

Recently, the Japanese press reported that Osaka-headquartered Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company reported kidney disorders and other health damage in people who consumed dietary supplements containing the ingredient ‘Beni-koji’.

According to the report, 13 people have so far had their health damaged, of which 6 people had to be hospitalized due to kidney damage. The company is voluntarily recalling products containing the ingredient ‘Beni-koji’ and calling on customers who bought them to stop taking them immediately.

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