Vietnam witnessing dangerous increase of encephalitis among children

The Health Ministry yesterday announced that the number of encephalitis cases among children has an upward tendency. In June, 49 news cases were detected, three of which were fatal.

Accordingly, since the beginning of this year, Vietnam has reported over 110 cases of encephalitis, most of whom are children. At present, the Tropical Diseases Center (under Vietnam National Children’s Hospital) is treating 25 such cases, some of whom are rather severe and could leave long-term sequelae.

Dr. Do Thien Hai, Deputy Direct of the Tropical Diseases Center, stated that encephalitis is a common dangerous disease among children at the age of 2 to 8. It has a high rate of long-term sequelae or even deaths, accounting for nearly 35 percent.

These sequelae result in recovered patients being unable to communicate or perform daily activities well. Hence, they could become a burden to their family and the community.

Therefore, doctors have advised families to have their children fully vaccinated against popular encephalitis types via Japanese encephalitis vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine, or 6-in-1 vaccine.

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