Vietnam to launch first Remote Sensing Satellite

According to Vietnam Institute of Space Technology, the country’s first Remote Sensing Satellite, known as VNRED Sat-1, is scheduled for launch at the Kourou base by Arianespace in French Guiana at 11.06pm on May 3 (local time) and 9.06am on May 4 (Vietnam time).

The 120-kilo VNRED Sat-1 will begin operating at an altitude of nearly 670 km at an angle of 98.1 degrees and Vietnam will receive the first images of the Earth after two days of launch and images of the country a day later.

The next three months will go in experimenting, testing and evaluating all devices on VNRED Sat-1.

During operation, VNRED Sat-1 will provide high-resolution images that will aid experts in updating data for such disasters as floods, hurricanes, or oil spills, as well as aid in natural resources management and environmental protection. It will also assist in process of acquiring scientific data and research.

For building VNRED Sat-1, €55.8 million came from the French Government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) fund and VND65 billion (around US$3.2 million) from the Vietnamese Government.

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