Vietnam striving to develop digital agriculture

Digital transformation in agriculture means to create a favorable agricultural environment and ecosystem to boost the transformation from traditional agriculture into a more modern agricultural economy. Vietnam is using this process to upgrade its agriculture to become smarter and more precise via the implementation of advanced technologies, all in hope of increasing the proportion of digital agriculture in the national economy.

Vietnam striving to develop digital agriculture ảnh 1

Digital transformation in agriculture has the three main goals of

_Forming a digital Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

_Establishing the digital agriculture

_Creating digital rural areas with digital farmers.

This process has lately been initiated successfully in the fields of cultivation, husbandry, aquaculture, forestry. Thanks to the ability to accelerate the elimination of ineffective traditional single farming models, the process is expected to promote the connection between 9 million farmer households with food processing enterprises as well as 100 million consumers nationwide, and further billions of international consumers.

Using digital transformation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development wants to foster the application of advanced digital technologies among farmers and businesses taking part in agricultural activities. It should begin with modernizing cultivation methods to increase the values for all stakeholders in the ecosystem by providing more nutritious food for users worldwide.

The transparency of these updates allows manufacturers to better monitor the balance between demands and supply for a more sustainable development in agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is going to boost the establishment of an digital database platform for its management and direction task at both central and local levels; develop e-commerce and digital agricultural services; help organizations, businesses, and individuals to invest in or sponsor research in the field of digital technologies, platforms, services for agricultural activities in order to promote the growth of digital rural areas as well as the digital economy.