Vietnam receives special attention from German businesses

Compared to other countries in the Southeast Asia, Vietnam is receiving a special attention from German businesses and expectations for positive economy and investment development in the medium term.
Vietnam receives special attention from  German businesses

This information was published by AHK World Business Outlook (AHK WBO) which was implemented by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and German businesses in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, 77 percent of German companies rated their business better this year, higher than an average of 61 percent in the Southeast Asian countries. 

In addition, 72 percent of businesses commented positively on the company's development within next 12 months.

With many achievements of economy, investment and social development in 2018, 67 percent of German investors in Vietnam believed in the future economic development during next 12 months, even next year. 

Around 55 percent of German businesses planned to increase investment in Vietnam which is higher than the rate the whole Southeast Asia of 44 percent as well as 52 percent compared to last year. 

According to Mr.Marko Walde, Head of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Germany's investment projects in Vietnam mainly focused on the garment, iron and steel production industries.

Besides that, electric and electronic industries also have received investment in recent years. 

The policies of luring foreign investment of the Vietnamese government are very suitable. In the future, he hoped that Vietnam would focus on training human resources to meet the requirements of German businesses; and Vietnamese businesses need more efforts in creating competitiveness because it would be a core factor for foreign businesses, especially German enterprises to gain the trust to invest within next 20- 30 years.

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