Vietnam imposes anti-dumping tax on color-coated steel products of China, Korea

After applying temporary trade remedies for three months, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has recently decided to apply official anti-dumping duties on color-coated steel roofing sheet products from China and South Korea.
Vietnam imposes anti-dumping tax on color-coated steel products of China, Korea

Accordingly, color-coated roofing sheets from China have been levied anti-dumping tax, ranging from 2.53 percent to 34.27 percent and those from South Korea have been imposed anti-dumping tariff, ranging from 4.71 percent to 19.25 percent, taking effect from October 24.

According to the conclusion of the investigation, after investigating for one year, authorities affirmed that dumping of color-coated roofing sheet products of manufacturers and exporters from China and South Korea existed. These dumping activities were determined to be the main reason that had seriously hurt domestic manufacturing of color-coated roofing sheets.

Particularly, production, sales, revenue, profit, market share and inventory have seen several fluctuations from the last seven months of last year to now. Many domestic manufacturing enterprises have suffered losses; production lines have had to halted operation; and lots of workers have been unemployed.

At the beginning of October this year, the ministry also issued decision to apply official anti-dumping measures on some aluminum products from China. Accordingly, the anti-dumping tax on some aluminum products from 16 Chinese companies was from 2.49 percent to 35.58 percent. The ministry started the investigation on January this year after representative of domestic manufacturing industry requested for application of anti-dumping measures.