Vietnam has 165,000 new cancer cases in 2018

Cancer burden in Vietnam was estimated around 165,000 new cases and nearly 115,000 deaths in 2018, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.
Cancer patients flooded the Tumor Hospital (Photo: SGGP)
Cancer patients flooded the Tumor Hospital (Photo: SGGP)
The information was released at a seminar “Significant progress has been made in radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer” held in FV Hospital lately with the attendance of cancer specialists from Australia, India and Vietnam.
Worse, the seminar revealed that total 300,000 Vietnamese people are living with any form of cancer.
Dr. Basma M’Barek from FV Hospital said that of all cancer treatment methods, radiotherapy is considered as an effective and modern one with a high cure rate for intermediate-risk prostate cancer especially Volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy (VMAT).
VMAT continuously reshapes and changes the intensity of the radiation beam as it moves around the body. Giving the radiotherapy in this way makes it very accurate, shortens the treatment time, and uses a lower overall dose of radiation.
The main advantages of VMAT are precision and speed. Fast treatments improve the accuracy of radiation delivery, in addition to improving patient convenience and quality of life. Moreover, the technique focuses the radiation on the tumor while protecting healthy tissues.

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