Vietnam concerned over violence in Gaza

Vietnam is concerned about escalating tension and violence in the Gaza Strip over recent days, which killed and injured many Palestinians, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang said at a regular press briefing on May 17.
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lê Thị Thu Hằng said at a regular press briefing on May 17. VNS
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lê Thị Thu Hằng said at a regular press briefing on May 17. VNS

Replying to questions about Việt Nam’s reaction to the US’s opening of its embassy in Jerusalem and rising tension in the region, the spokesperson said Việt Nam protests the use of violence and calls for restraint and an end to escalating tensions.

“Việt Nam once again calls for the settlement of conflicts by peaceful measures and efforts to seek a comprehensive, fair and sustainable solution, while ensuring safety for civilians and the legitimate interests of concerned parties as well as peace and stability in the region,” Hằng said.

She stressed Việt Nam’s stance that all solutions related to Jerusalem should adhere to international law, especially resolutions of the United Nations, with consensus of related parties.

“Việt Nam maintains the consistent position of supporting the just struggle of the Palestinian people and the two-State solution with the establishment of a State of Palestine that co-exists in peace with the State of Israel along the pre-1967 border and with East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestine,” the spokesperson said.

Regarding the US’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, the spokesperson made clear that Việt Nam supports dialogue to seek peaceful solutions to all disputes.

“We hope that all parties of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions (JCPOA) will persevere in negotiating to find a solution that can bring long-term peace and stability for the region and the world as a whole,” she said.

Asked to comment on the meeting between US President Donald Trump and leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un on June 12 in Singapore, spokesperson Hằng said Việt Nam supports all constructive efforts to settle disputes through peaceful dialogue, contributing to peace, security and stability on the Korean peninsula in particular and the world in general. — VNS

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