US destroyer McCain collision caused by “sudden turn”: report

A collision between US Navy destroyer USS John S McCain and Alnic MC oil tanker in Singapore’s territorial waters on August last year was due to a "sudden turn" made by the warship, Singapore said in a report on March 8.
US destroyer McCain collision caused by “sudden turn”: report

According to a 35-page report on the investigation results of the Singaporean Ministry of Transport, the incident occurred after a series of missteps taken by the crew on the warship as well as slow responses of the oil tanker.

The warship suddenly turned to the left after propulsion controls were transferred, the report said.

The crew on board the US warship during the accident used to work on another warship with a different steering control, the report noted.

According to Singaporean investigators, the sailors on board Alnic MC assumed that the military vessel would be fast enough to safely pass ahead.

In its investigation into the accident, announced in January, the US Navy said it saw a series of missteps among the US warship crew and accused the commanding officer of the ship of several charges, including murder due to carelessness and neglect of responsibility.

USS John S McCain collided with Alnic MC in the eastern sea of Singapore, leaving 10 sailors dead and five others injured.

This was the fourth accident caused by US warships in the Pacific in one year.-VNA