Turning grass into cash

The Intellectual Property Office under the Ministry of Science and Technology has recently issued a collective trademark certificate for "Pho Trach Grey Sedge Mats."

This recognition not only helps the residents of Pho Trach Village in Phong Binh Commune, Phong Dien District, Thua Thien Hue Province, to enhance the reputation and value of their handcrafted mats made from grey sedge grass (Lepironia articulata) —a wild grass that grows in the low-lying, waterlogged areas around the village—but also contributes to preserving their traditional craft and fostering local socio-economic development.

Cleaning grey sedge grass after harvesting from the wetlands
Drying grey sedge grass to use as material for mat weaving
The craft of weaving grey sedge mats in Pho Trach has existed since the village was founded in the mid-15th century.
Meticulous attention to detail ensures that "Pho Trach Grey Sedge Mats" become a sought-after tourism product.
Handcrafted products made from grey sedge grass are environmentally friendly.
Pho Trach grey sedge mat weaving competition at the Ancient Village Festival.
The people of Pho Trach process grey sedge grass into environmentally friendly straws.

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