Thailand warns of water shortage in some localities

Thailand’s Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) on October 22 urged people in some localities to brace up for water shortage that could last for eight months as the dry season is expected to begin on November 1.

Illustrative image (Source: Bangkok Post)
Illustrative image (Source: Bangkok Post)
Earlier, the ONWR General Secretary Somkiat Prajamwong had warned about declining water levels in many reservoirs, and said residents in areas with water shortage would have to use water economically in coming months.
According to the office, measures have been taken to cope with the water shortage, such as dredging water channels to allow water to flow quickly into reservoirs, drilling underground water wells, enlarging water storage ponds and purchasing water for residents in risk areas.
The Thai Royal Irrigation Department also asked people to use water sparingly.
The department said there are currently about 6 billion cu.m of usable water in major reservoirs, with 5 billion cu.m reserved for consumption and ecological preservation, leaving only 1 billion cu.m for use in agriculture.
The ONWR was established in October 2017 to oversee an integrated water management plan in Thailand.

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