Support package for enterprises asked to be implemented quickly

The Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City, on January 24, held a conference to summarize work in 2021 and deploy tasks in 2022.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, the index of industrial production (IIP) in 2021 is estimated to decrease by 14.34 percent compared to 2020. Four key industries are estimated to decrease by 10.63 percent over the same period. To accelerate the recovery of economic sectors, in 2022, the Department of Industry and Trade will focus on in-depth industrial development, supporting the development of high-tech and supporting industries, and developing four key industries. Particularly, the focus will be placed on developing industries and industrial products on the list of key industrial products and potential industrial products of the city in the 2021-2025 period to create motivation for the development of other industries.

The department will continue to shift the export structure towards rapid development of export services and promote services and intangible goods exports, such as software and digital content products. The focus is on developing logistics services, providing financial services, and promoting regional linkages for export production. It will actively implement solutions to attract large investors to produce and export high value-added products; develop some advantageous products of the city into key export products in the coming time; step up promotion activities to expand import and export markets, attaching the importance on taking advantage of free trade agreements that Vietnam has signed to expand export markets.

Speaking at the conference, Vice Chairwoman of the People's Committee of HCMC Phan Thi Thang requested the Department of Industry and Trade to immediately implement the 2022 plan approved by the City People's Committee to quickly support enterprises to restore production and business activities, at the same time, re-evaluate the impact of stimulus programs and packages over the past time, thereby providing substantive support for businesses, avoiding the situation that many support programs are launched but enterprises cannot reach them.