Successful transplantation of heart, liver, kidneys from brain-dead donor

The transplant recipients are stable and gradually recovering well after receiving transplantation of heart, liver, and kidneys from a brain-dead donor.

A heart transplant was performed at Hue Central Hospital, Thua Thien Hue, where the donated heart, originating from a brain-dead individual in Quang Ninh, was successfully transplanted into a patient suffering from end-stage heart failure.

On April 5, Professor Pham Nhu Hiep, Director of Hue Central Hospital, reported that after a 5-hour procedure to transplant three organs simultaneously from a brain-dead donor at Vietnam-Sweden Uong Bi Hospital in Quang Ninh Province, the transplant recipients are stable and gradually recovering well.

The organ donor in Quang Ninh suffered severe head trauma in a traffic accident. Upon diagnosis of brain death and with the family's consent for organ donation, Vietnam-Sweden Uong Bi Hospital developed a multi-organ retrieval plan. They closely coordinated with the National Organ Coordination Center and transplant centers nationwide to screen and list patients for organ transplantation from this donor. The donated organs included the heart, liver (which was divided into right and left lobes), two kidneys, and two corneas.

Throughout the night of April 1 into the early morning of April 2, at Vietnam-Sweden Uong Bi Hospital, over 120 medical professionals, including doctors from various transplant centers nationwide, convened after deliberation, assessment, and analysis to conduct surgeries for organ retrieval from a brain-dead donor for transplantation. Specifically, the heart, liver, and kidneys of the brain-dead donor were successfully transported to Hue Central Hospital at 9:50 a.m. on April 2, enabling the successful transplantation and saving the lives of three patients on the hospital's organ transplant waiting list.

Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan has posthumously bestowed the "For the People's Health" medal upon the late nurse Lo Thi Thuy Linh, 40 years old, who worked in the Obstetrics Department at E Hospital, in acknowledgment of her remarkable contributions to healthcare and the well-being of the people.

In March 2024, after sudden cardiac arrest and subsequent brain death, nurse Lo Thi Thuy Linh's family generously consented to donate all of her organs for transplantation, thereby saving the lives of four critically ill patients. Among them, one received a heart transplant, and two received kidney transplants.

On this occasion, the Minister of Health urges all officials, civil servants, and staff in the healthcare sector, as well as individuals from all walks of life, social organizations, and the public nationwide, to actively participate in and support the registration for organ and tissue donation after death or brain death to save the lives of patients suffering from tissue and organ failure and awaiting transplantation.

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