South Korean man receives capital punishment for killing people

Today, the Family and Juvenile Court, under the Ho Chi Minh City People's Court held a Courts of the first instance sentencing South Korean man Lee Hyeongwon born in 1990 to the death for murdering people and 14 years in prison for robbery, and two years in prison for theft. Totally, the accused were executed and sentenced to death.
South Korean man receives capital punishment for killing people ảnh 1 The accused  Lee Hyeongwon  at the court
The case caused a stir in public opinion when it happened in an area where many Koreans live in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 7. A car was robbed, burned and three members of a family were killed while others were seriously injured.
According to the indictment, after entering Vietnam in October 2019, Lee Hyeongwon worked at a karaoke restaurant in District 5. On the morning of December 20, 2019, Lee Hyeongwon went to Phu My Hung residential area to distribute leaflets home. At this time, Lee Hyeongwon came up with a plan to break into houses here to get property.
Observing that the house of Mrs. Jung Yuong Sook's family, who are also South Korean people, next to it was an empty lot; therefore, he could climb the wall inside, so the Korean man decided to that night will break in the house. Later that night, he climbed the wall and entered the house from the first-floor window.
Inside, Lee quickly entered the kitchen area on the fourth floor where he stopped to put on rubber gloves, took a metal knife; then go downstairs. Suddenly, Mrs. Jung found out and shouted.
Seeing that, Lee stabbed and controlled the Korean woman to bring her into the room. Her husband heard his wife shouting and immediately woke up, struggling with the thief. This man was stabbed many times. Mrs. Jung took advantaged to run yet she ran to the bathroom and collapsed.
When the victim's daughter saw the incident, Lee stabbed her daughter with a knife. After attacking three victims, Lee took away more than VND3 billion and many other properties.
At the same time, Lee robbed the family car. But because he did not know the way, Lee drove the car around. After driving a while, Lee threw away the knife and some possessions in a deserted place. Thinking that he could not dispose of the stolen car, Lee lit a fire and destroyed the car.
According to the results of the medical examination, Mrs. Jung died from irreversible hemorrhagic shock. The percentage of injuries that her husband and her daughter suffered is 25 and 38.
Because the case had a minor victim, the Family and Juvenile Court under the Ho Chi Minh City People's Court held a trial.

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