Small, medium enterprises make up high percentage in Vietnam

The country has 517,900 enterprises, increasing by more than half compared to last year, as per the General Statistic Office of Vietnam’s census of economy in 2017.

Of 517,000 enterprises, 507, 860 are small and medium ones accounting for 98.1 percent and just 10,100 are giant businesses making up 1.9 percent. Noticeably, super small enterprises are the major in small and medium enterprises.

Specifically, just 8,500 of them are medium businesses accounting for 1.6 percent while 114,100 small ones making up 74.4 percent.

Worse, of 517,900 enterprises are operating, 505,000 of them have profit and pay tax. Specially, 172,600 in Ho Chi Minh City are profitable.

Employees in giant enterprises increase more than in small and medium ones. Specifically, the number of employees in big companies has risen by 33.8 percent while it is 22.1 percent in small and medium ones compared to five years ago.

Averagely, a big firms has increases of 6 percent each year while it has risen by 4.1 percent in small and medium peers.