Seven villagers die of food poisoning in northern mountainous province

The Department of Health in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau yesterday said that there had been a food poisoning in Si Lo Lau Commune in Phong Tho District killing seven people.

In addition to seven dead people, a dozen others have been hospitalized. As per the study of local medical center, all victims attended a funeral of a resident. Later, they all developed symptoms of poisoning such as vomiting and diarrhea and one of them died soon.

Right after receiving information of the case, medical workers were as quick as possible to arrive at the village to provide treatment.

Medical workers verified one was dead and 26 others had the poisoning symptoms. All  victims were rushed to hospitals for emergency treatment. 11 people are being treated in Si Lo Lau medical center, 11 others were taken to the infirmary in Phong Tho District while four serious cases were rushed to the province General Hospital, one of them fell into coma and three others had to undertake blood filter.

The province Department of Health verified as of February 14, the poisoning killed seven people. No more locals are reported to have poisoning.

As per the initial study, the poisoning was caused by toxic wine.

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