Science, technology, innovation promoted to support national development

Various measures will be rolled out from now to 2025 to fine tune science and technology organizations and perfect the legal foundation for state management of science, technology and innovation.
Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat (Photo: VNA)

Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat (Photo: VNA)

The aim is to boost development to support the country’s socio-economic growth, Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat told the Vietnam News Agency.

The minister said that resources will be focused on stepping up science and technology research, transfer and application to serve socio-economic development and security-defense protection, to speed up digital transformation, green transition and circular economic development.

The sector will design solutions to mobilize resources from society, especially the science-technology development funds of enterprises for science research and innovation activities, he said, adding that synchronous measures will be applied to expand the science-technology market, and start-up and innovation ecosystems.

Dat underlined that the ministry will review and complete the legal system regarding science, technology, and innovation, to better fit with the current requirements in the field.

It will also propose new mechanisms, policies and laws related to public investment and procurement, and tax to encourage developments in science and technology, while promoting public-private cooperation in the field.

He said that the ministry will connect with stakeholders to promote research and innovation to increase productivity and efficiency of the economy, while building breakthrough mechanisms at key economic regions to support socio-economic development.

At the same time, it will make a plan for the science and technology system in Vietnam, linking science and technology organizations and businesses, said the official.

The minister said that the improvement of the country’s core technology capacity and the enhancement of productivity and quality is one of the top priorities of Decision 2667/QD-BKHCN approving the science, technology, and innovation directions, targets, and tasks until 2025.

In order to achieve this goal, the ministry will effectively implement national-level science and technology programs in line with the sector’s restructuring plan in the 2021-2025 period with a vision to 2030, with businesses playing a core role in transforming science for commercial use, he said.

Meanwhile, the ministry will continue to develop the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park into a center for high technology research and development, high-tech agriculture area and a concentrated information technology hub. This will serve to speed up administrative reform and improve the quality of the business environment to ensure healthy, equal and transparent competition for all businesses and protect the interest of consumers, said the minister.

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