Quang Tri Province’s Police detect three illegal Chinese immigrants

Quang Tri Province’s Police have just detected and arrested three illegal Chinese immigrants to Vietnam by road. 

Accordingly, the Chinese people including 29-year-old Zheng, 32-year-old Ren Zikang and 38-year-old Hu Jinping admitted to illegally immigrating to Vietnam’s Lang Son Province from Pingxiang City, Guangxi, China by road on April 2. Then, they all were detected in Quang Tri Province while traveling from the capital city of Hanoi to the small town of Lao Bao in Quang Tri Province. 

Three illegal Chinese immigrants are detected and arrested in Quang Tri Province.
These people declared that they signed in social networks to contact the broker for the immigration. 

The three Chinese men were sent to the quarantine ward in Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province according to Covid-19 pandemic control and prevention regulations. 

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