Police warn of new confidence tricks related to immigration

The Thu Duc City Police today announced a new confidence trick related to immigration.

People do administrative procedures for immigration

According to the Thu Duc City Police, scammers sought out people who needed to leave the country. Then, scammers would proactively contact these people through the Internet to guide them on how to do administrative procedures such as submission of passport and visa applications. The victims were asked to send their portrait and ID cards to complete the procedures.

Next, they would send fake passport and visa photos to the victims (photos in the passport, visa were cropped and edited) and inform the departure time and ask the victims to arrive at an airport to receive documents.

After that, the victims received a fake verification document and proof of income and finance from the Department of Immigration Management to prove financial capacity, so they had to transfer a large amount of money to the account of the Department of Immigration Management (fake account) to verify and would be refunded after 30-40 minutes.

At the same time, fraudsters impersonating officers of the Department of Immigration Management would constantly call to urge them to deposit money into the above account to complete the dossier and appropriate it.

To avoid being scammed by this type of crime, the Thu Duc City Police recommend that people protect their personal information and carefully make friends on the Internet. Above all, they should be careful before attractive invitations and easy abroad travel, especially during holidays.

Police advised people to carefully verify the information after receiving a call claiming to be an official of a state agency to inform and disseminate the issuance of documents. They should report to the police in their locality if detecting a scam.

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