Police verifying responsibility of those involving three preschoolers’ burns

Three preschoolers were yesterday sent to hospital for serious burns after a fire safety demonstration organized by a private daycare center in the northern province of Ha Nam.

Police verifying responsibility of those involving three preschoolers’ burns

Dr. Le Quang Thao of the National Burn Institute’s Intensive Care Unit said that children suffered 50-60 percent of body burns and serious shock.

Physicians were quick to provide emergency treatment on three but their burns were so critical threatening their life.

Before, 25 preschoolers, aged one to five, were attending the fire safety class at the Tuoi Tho preschool on August 9.

When teacher poured industrial alcohol into a tray before lighting it on fire to teacher kids how to escape from fire, flame and strong winds spelled into the class bringing fire on three kids.

The demo ended up sending three preschoolers to hospital for burns after.

Officers of the local Department of Education and Training said that the privately run daycare center owned by 29-year-old Nguyen Thi Khoat was only licensed around three months ago. It is in charge of two groups of children, one for children aged 1-2.5 and the other for those aged three to five.

Teaching kids to escape from fire and dangers is included in the preschool curriculum; therefore, the school made the demo yet it resulted in the incident because teachers forgot shutting the window.