Police report at least 4 rings of organizing illegal entry from VN to Cambodia

Colonel Dinh Van Doi, Director of An Giang Provincial Public Security Department informed that through declarations of a 40-Vietnamese group who had just fled from a casino in Cambodia to the Mekong Delta province of An Giang, at least four rings are organizing the illegal entry and exit from Vietnam to some provinces and cities of Cambodia.

Thereby, those laborers were arranged to illegally work in casinos under the management and operation of Chinese people in the country. 

Under the rights of the casino owners, the traffickers beat up the employees with electric whips and iron rods if the workers show resistance or do not meet their assigned targets.

Colonel Dinh Van Doi, Director of An Giang Provincial Public Security Department 
Through the process of investigation and prosecution, the two arrestees are Nguyen Thi Le, 42, and Le Van Danh, 34, both living in Long Binh Town, An Phu District of An Giang Province. The subjects attracted, enticed and seduced poor people in need of jobs on social media along with the promises of light work and high salary. However, it is a fact that Vietnamese workers were forced to work 14 to 16 hours every day. Most of them had to work as Internet gambling operators on fraudulent websites. 

If the employees do not meet their targets or go to the rest room over five minutes, they will be deducted salary. With the rules, most workers did not be paid the salary.

As for those who want to return home, their relatives were required to transfer thousands of dollars in ransom. 

Many employees are also frequently traded between casinos.

The group of 40 Vietnamese workers flee from the Cambodian casino to Vietnam on August 18.
The An Giang Provincial Public Security Department reported the case to the Criminal Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security to coordinate with the police of the provinces and cities to receive information as well as strictly handle the subjects related to the rings of illegally bringing people to Cambodia from Vietnam.

Currently, the Cambodian Police are coordinating with the An Giang Provincial Public Security Department and provincial functional units to complete the procedures for handing over the remaining 11 Vietnamese citizens.

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