Police prosecute two business leaders of fake medicine ring

Ho Chi Minh City Police Department has prosecuted fake medicine ringleaders Nguyen Dinh Lac Thu, deputy director of Asia Pharmacy Company and Le Van Khoi, director of Dong Duoc Viet Pharmaceutical Company and seven others involving in the case for producing and selling fake medicine and foodstuffs.

Police seize fake medicine (Photo: SGGP)
Police seize fake medicine (Photo: SGGP)

According to police investigation, at the end of 2018, economic police officers discovered a massive counterfeit medicines and nutritional supplements, they began to follow the ring to unearth it.

In the afternoon of July 25, police officers detected Nguyen Van Thanh Tuan in Binh Chanh District who was transporting 20 cartons of 4,000 boxes of counterfeit medicines and supplements to a house in Hoa Binh Street in District 11 for Nguyen Dinh Thai Duong.

Searching the house, police officers caught Tran Thi Chau Thanh and Thach Det making counterfeit medicine and supplements.

In the meantime, another group of police officers raided manufacturing factory of Dong Duoc Viet Pharmaceutical Company in Binh Chanh District where Khoi and Nguyen Thanh Xuan and four workers were making fake supplements.

Simultaneously, groups of police officers raided many houses in district 8, 10, Tan BInh, Tan Phu and Binh Tan to confiscate fake medicine production machines.

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