Police prosecute maid who tortured baby

Police in the northern province of Ha Nam said that they decided to prosecute 57 year old Nguyen Thi Han in Nam Dinh Province who had ill tortured a baby.
Police prosecute maid who tortured baby
Police had arrested Nguyen Thi Han, 58, for her vicious act.
As per her initial statement, Ms. Han was hired by a family in Phu Ly Town two months ago to babysit; however, she had beaten the newborn baby three times from November 20-22 because the neonate cried a lot when her mother went out.
She said she had slapped the child’s cheek and head because she could not keep calm.
Before, on November 22, a clip had been posted in social network account denouncing a housekeeper to beat their one-month-old child when parents went out. The clip showed the maid slapped violently on the baby’s head and face; additionally, she lifted the baby into the air despite the infant’s screamed and cried

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