Police chase 50km to stop timber traffickers’ vans


Police and forest rangers in the northern Phu Yen Province on 1:30 am, Aug 2nd,  seized two trucks that were carrying timber without the requisite documents after giving chase for more than 50 kilometers and firing warning shots.


The seizure was made following a tip-off from the public, Lieutenant Colonel Ngo Van Hai of the province Anti-Environmental Crime Police Department told reporters.


Early in the morning, environmental police officers and rangers in Tuy An District signaled two vans on National Highway 25 to stop, but they sped past.


The officials began to give chase and called a police unit in Chi Thanh town for reinforcement.


One of the vans was later stopped in the town, about 40 km from Tuy An, and found to be carrying 8 cubic meters of narra wood.


The driver, Nguyen Van Em, ( Born 1982, living in An Nhon district, Binh Dinh province ), failed to produce documents indicating its origin.


Meanwhile, the other van knocked down a grade-crossing gate that had been closed for a train’s arrival, and continued to flee.


The police had to fire five shots to stop the truck. But then the driver got off the vehicle and fled into Song Cau Town , 10 kilometers from Chi Thanh.


The police found 27 pyinma logs in the van.


They seized all the timber, detained Em, and are hunting for the escaped driver.



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