Police arrest man violating traffic law, attacking policeman

Police in the capital city of Hanoi arrested a man who was ramming his car into law enforcement sending a police officer on the car’s hood, said police.

One of the police officers has to jump on the car’s hood and hold onto it to avoid impact

A 32 year old man in Thanh Tri District was arrested to be investigated for resisting law enforcement, said police in Hanoi.

Hanoi City Police informed that Thanh Tri District Police are investigating a case that a man was resisting officers on duty at noon on the same day in Ngu Hiep Commune of Thanh Tri District.

At about 1:00 p.m. on the same day, a police team of the Traffic and Order Police Team of Thanh Tri District Police was patrolling in and checking alcohol levels in the Ngu Hiep Street of Ngu Hiep Commune in Thanh Tri District.

When policemen signaled for the man to stop his car for an alcohol check. The man slowed down his car into the check area, but he suddenly drove towards the direction where the officers were standing. As a consequence, one of the police officers had to jump on the car’s hood and hold onto it to avoid impact.

After that, the car continued to move about 200m when the officer of the Traffic Order Police Team of Thanh Tri District Police fell onto the road and was taken to the hospital for a health check. Currently, this officer's health is stable.

Immediately after the incident, Thanh Tri District Police coordinated with professional units to urgently verify and request the car owner who was born in 1992 in Thanh Tri District to take the car to the police station for further investigation. The vehicle owner admitted that he was not the driver of the vehicle but lent the vehicle.

Hanoi City Police authorities urgently pursued the suspected driver of the car who intentionally crashed police officers. Finally, the violator was taken to the police station.

According to a preliminary test, the man tested positive for drugs and had no alcohol concentration in his breath.

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