Petrol prices cut down, oil edge up

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance yesterday announced slight decrease in petrol price and increase in oil price from 4:55 p.m on the same day.
 A filling station in HCMC
A filling station in HCMC

The price of RON 92 gasoline reduced VND112 a liter to VND17,999, ethanol gasoline blend E5 dropped VND105 to VND17,731 a liter.

Meantime, diesel increased VND147 to VND14,588 a liter, kerosene edged up VND318 to VND13,433 a liter and mazut hiked VND212 to VND11,748 a kilogram.

In addition, the two ministries permitted businesses to keep contribution level to the price subsidization fund unchanged and raise the fund's spending to VND130 a liter to mineral gasoline, VND110 a liter of gasoline E5. The spending level remained unchanged at VND180 a liter of diesel, VND190 a liter of kerosene and VND100 a kilogram of mazut.

On the same day, the opening ceremony of Idemisu Q8 filling station was organized in Thang Long industrial park, Hanoi. That is the first foreign invested filling station in Vietnam, under the joint venture between Kuwait Petroleum and Japanese Idemitsu Kosan.