People with mild monkeypox can recover within 2-4 weeks

According to the Professional Council of the Ministry of Health, patients with mild monkey pox generally make a full recovery within a few weeks.


The Council has just had a meeting to discuss the illness development to submit to the Ministry of Health for promulgation soon.

Accordingly, the council unanimously divided the clinical forms of monkeypox patients into three types including asymptomatic, mild, and severe. People with milk illness will recover after 2-4 weeks without any specific treatment measures.

In severe form, the disease is common in high-risk groups such as pregnant women, the elderly, children, people with underlying medical conditions, and immunocompromised people which can lead to death, usually from the second week. Patients may have skin infections, persistent fever, cloudy blister fluid or broken blisters, and pneumonia with symptoms such as cough, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

Meanwhile, Ms. Socorro Escalante, Acting Chief Representative of the World Health Organization in Vietnam, said that WHO does not recommend using the monkeypox vaccine for mass vaccination for people.