Participation of private medical clinics in fight against Covid-19 needed

Participation of private medical clinics in the fight against Covid-19 epidemic is needed because foreign visitors and high income earners will visit deluxe nonpublic infirmaries before going to state hospitals; accordingly, it is a huge threat if private medical centers are outsiders of the fight.
A medical worker measures temperature ofDeputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son (Photo: SGGP)
A medical worker measures temperature ofDeputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son (Photo: SGGP)

Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son yesterday paid a visit to nonpublic medical clinics An Sinh, Van Hanh and Columbia Asia.

Mr. Son acknowledged three private hospitals’ proactivity in isolation of the infected patients and at-risk people.

Especially, these hospitals have had a treatment ward where  patients’ body temperature is measured for early detection of infected people and put them under quarantine. Additionally, hospitals hand out free face masks and hand sanitizers. 

Though development of Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City has been relatively stable, city authorities have not neglected because many Vietnamese people from South Korea have returned provinces in the Mekong Delta region and HCMC.

Accordingly, Mr. Son proposed private hospitals to increase supervision and screen patients for timely detection of infection cases.

He took the example of the 17th Covid-19 patients who came to private hospital Hong Ngoc for examination first. The hospital has discovered the case but 17 medical workers had to be placed under quarantine. Therefore, nonpublic hospitals must perfect its system more to decrease the number of medical workers under quarantine.

Director of the city Center of Disease Control Nguyen Chi Dung yesterday said that 20 people on the same flight with the 17th confirmed Covid-19 patient in Hanoi who returned from a trip from Europe tested negative for the deadly virus.

However, they still should be isolated in 14 days at homes.