Parental concern of increase in children infected with Adenovirus

Following the concern of many parents about an enormous increase in the number of children infected with Adenovirus including many deaths, Associate Professor Le Thi Hong Hanh, Director of the Respiratory Center in the Hanoi-based National Children Hospital yesterday said that the center is treating 25 children with pneumonia caused by Adenovirus, and 15 of them are putting on oxygen but they are not too critical.
Parental concern of increase in children infected with Adenovirus ảnh 1 A doctor in the National Children Hospital is examining a child infected with Adenovirus

Most pediatric patients infected with the virus are cured within 10-15 days. Six deaths relating to the virus mainly had an underlying disease, malnutrition, rickets, congenital heart disease, immunodeficiency, and chronic lung disease, according to the Associate Professor.

She added that there has been no research on the correlation between Covid-19 infection and Adenovirus pneumonia because before the Covid-19 epidemic occurred, the National Children's Hospital had also provided examination and treatment to children with Adenovirus.

Meanwhile, Dr. Le Kien Ngai, Head of the Department of Prevention and Control in the National Children's Hospital said that in order to prevent the infection of Adenovirus, parents should pay attention when children with respiratory infections show symptoms. Children become more tired, eat poorly, breathe fast, and have difficulty breathing, it is necessary to take the child immediately to a medical facility for examination, identification of the cause, and prompt treatment.

According to doctors, there is currently no Adenovirus vaccine available to infirmaries in Vietnam, so the best way to control the spread of the disease is to detect it early. Moreover, parents should practice preventive measures such as keeping hand hygiene, ensuring a well-ventilated environment, and proper nutrition.