Over 30,000 newborn babies with heart disease to benefit from charity program

Over 30,000 newborn babies in two years 2018 and 2019 will benefit from the project, said at an unveiling ceremony of “Early detection of innate heart disease in the Mekong delta province of An Giang” in the Pediatric in An Giang yesterday.

Medical equipment in the program (photo: SGGP)
Medical equipment in the program (photo: SGGP)

The key project is part of the program “ Trai tim cua em” ( My heart)’s activities launched by Vietnam's top telecommunications firm Viettel and Vietnam Television Broadcast since 2008.

Viettel provides medical equipment along with management software totally worth nearly VND1.6 billion ($68,697)  for 30 infirmaries in An Giang province.

Through this project, doctors of maternity and gynecology medical facilities in An Giang province can discuss treatment solutions with their peers in Heart Center of Medicine University Hospital and Heart hospital to early detect innate heart diseases from which they will provide treatment to newborn babies soon.

For kids from low-income families, the program will sponsor an operation fee or provide free operation. Application of technologies in early detection of heart disease will help time- saving and cost- saving.

Statistically, roughly 12,000 babies with innate heart disease are born annually and 25 percent of them with serious heart disease should undergo an operation in the first year to survive and avoid severe complications.

The charity program will provide free surgery for poor kids below 16 years old and improve medical infirmaries’ quality in diagnosing heart illnesses amongst children. During ten past years, the program had received over VND132 billion and 7,00 letters for help. It had also carried out surgeries on 4,500 people.

Moreover, the program has allocated VND15.15 billion for buying medical equipment and training courses in big hospitals.

Additionally, it has organized 50 programs to screen in order to early discover heart diseases amongst children; subsequently, 100,000 kids in 45 cities and provinces have been diagnosed.

Currently, the program cooperates with 18 heart centers and hospitals across the country to provide free treatment to disadvantaged people.