Over 165,000 children get Covid-19 vaccine during two-week immunization campaign

More than 165,000 children aged under 18 years got the first and second doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, and booster doses during the two-week-long vaccination campaign starting from the beginning of August, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Tang Chi Thuong, Director of the municipal Health Department said on August 17.
Over 165,000 children get Covid-19 vaccine during two-week immunization campaign ảnh 1 A student gets the Covid-19 vaccine.
The vaccination rate of children aged 5 to under 12 years has reached more than 50 percent but it is lower than the national average number.
The total number of Covid-19 vaccine doses of 82,097 were given in the first week while 83,055 doses were administered in the second week. The average number of vaccine shots per day in the second week was 137.
The Covid-19 situation in the country in general and HCMC particularly has still developed complicatedly while the number of new and severe cases is increasing. Most children hospitalized with the virus have not been vaccinated.
The city must increase Covid-19 vaccination coverage, especially in populations at high risk of severe disease and children aged 5 to under 18 years old.
The Health Department of the city suggested the municipal Department of Education and Training to publicize the vaccination rate of educational facilities for monitoring, inspect and direct communication activities providing benefits of vaccinations for children to parents.
The Department of Health also suggested the Steering Committees for Covid-19 Prevention and Control of Thu Duc City and districts to create favorable conditions for healthcare units to boost vaccination, including strengthening propaganda about the vaccination benefits, increasing the number of immunization sites, offering at-home vaccines to sick older adults and strictly abiding V2K protocol meaning vaccination, mask (khau trang) and hand washing (khu khuan) in Covid-19 fight.
The department asked the 115 Emergency Centers and hospitals to deploy vaccination teams to meet the increasing demand for vaccination sites at schools.

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