One million children aged seven to be injected vaccine against diphtheria

The Ministry of Health announced the National Expanded Immunization Program will provide vaccine supplement on around 1 million children aged seven in 35 cities and provinces from now to end of 2020 as a proactive measure against diphtheria.
One million children aged seven to be injected vaccine against diphtheria

As there have been diphtheria outbreaks in the Central Highlands region, the Ministry decided to administer free-of-charge vaccine shoots in local medical centers. The Ministry anticipated to carry out the program nationwide till 2022.

The Center for Disease Control in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday said that the vaccination coverage amongst newborns in the city has reached around 80 percent whereas the rate in previous years was at 95 percent.

Some parents were afraid of the coronavirus; therefore, they did not take their children to crowded place like hospitals while others were too busy.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent diphtheria. And when enough people get vaccinated against diphtheria, the entire community is less likely to get it.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control, diphtheria vaccine is one of mandatory infants and children health immunization, which requires that all children under five years old be given basic immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases.

In regard to the population level, it is believed that vaccine coverage of 80 percent–85 percent must be maintained in order to induce community immunity and reduce the threat of an outbreak.

However, presently, free-of-charge diphtheria vaccine is just for children under 4. Children over 4 and adults should go to healthcare facilities for paid vaccine.

Concerning the first case of diphtheria in the central Highlands Province of Dak Lak, Director of the province Department of Health Nay Phi La said that a 52-year-old woman in Bong Krang Commune had fever and sore throat on July 6. She went to the local health facility for treatment where samples were taken for test. Test result proved that she was positive for diphtheria bacteria on July 7.